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Yesterday I stopped by Top Pot Donuts to pick up a treat for everyone at work. To me donuts always seems like an easy score in the work setting. They are tasty, can be cut into pieces, and who doesn’t like a pastry now and again. I will be the first tell ya that they aren’t the healthiest option for a morning treat, but I needed easy and open at 6 am, so donuts it was.

In the spirit of full disclosure I would like to mention that I am frugal. With that said, these donuts were not cheap. $17.99 for a dozen. If I was drinking something I would of spit it all over the floor when I saw the price. But here I was at the store, cash in hand, needing to bring something into work. So I pulled the trigger and bought them. With that said, the donuts are presented nicely, and look hand made.

The taste was excellent. It was filling (which I know donuts will do that) and a hit at work. Every piece was devoured and I am sure there were people who ate two servings. I am going to work on healthier options in the future for all my health blogger colleagues out there, I swear. But for those who need a good treat fix or something special for a group of people, check out Top Pot Donuts (maybe just try one before you take the full dozen plunge).

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