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A couple of weeks ago a buddy and I went to a Huskies game. You can read about it here. Before the game we needed something to eat, and as it happened we were close to the international district. I was also hankering some sort of Chinese food. We were just walking the street trying to find something that met our criteria. Then we came along Shanghai Garden.Shanghai Garden on Urbanspoon

My first impression was that the restaurant was not the nicest looking. Not really a foodie place, you know? I am now starting to learn not to trust my instinct like that if I want to find the hidden treasures in Seattle. The place was busy, with everyone wearing purple. I think this is a pre-CenturyLink field game hot spot.

Once you sit down you automatically get tea, which was nice since it was a mild, damp Seattle day. I ordered the “House special hand shaved Chow Mein.” This came with shrimp, chicken, and squid! I was surprised because usually your are forced to pick one.

The dish was exactly what I was craving and an amazing suprise! The hand made noodles made all the difference. They were “meatier” than others that I have had and they had almost a sweet flavor to them. The Chow Mein was flavored nicely and there were large chunks of everything in the meal. I think the veggies were even fresh!

I can now see why this humble little restaurant was so busy, the food rocks! Next time you are heading to a Sounder’s or Seachicken’s game (had to put Seachickens this once, since my Lions beat you last week haha), check out Shanghai Gardens and their fantastic Chow Mein.

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