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I am very excited for this review. That is because this is one of my favorite restaurants in Seattle. Saffron Grill is hands-down an amazing place to eat. The service staff are friendly, the ambiance is nice, and the food is great! I think Mel knows how much I like this place because she suggests it every time I am on the fence about eating out…then bam! I say yes!

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Saffron Grill is self labelled as an “Indian and Mediterranean Fusion Restaurant.” Now I can not honestly testify about the Mediterranean aspect of the restaurant because I get the same thing every time I go there. And that same thing is Indian style dishes. I always start off with some Chai Tea. The best part is it is unlimited, so pace yourself! It is warm and delectable, with just enough spice to make you perk up when you take a sip.

Then we ordered a couple servings of Naan. This is so good, some of the best I have had. Still warm when it comes to the table, it is hard not to eat it all before the main course arrives. It also comes with an excellent dipping sauce (which i forget what it is called, may update when I go back there soon).

Mel ordered the “Shahi Korma” which is a cream based dish with paneer and almonds. I ordered my all-time favorite and the only dish I get (not out of the fear of trying new things but for the love of the it) “Palak Masala” with paneer. Palak masala is a creamy spinach dish that is very tasty on a bed of rice.

Yet again during this visit Saffron Grill did not disappoint. We even got a complimentary piece of Baklava. I was so stuffed I had to take it home with my left overs to try later in the night. It was a sweet little dissert, that left me wanting more (at about 11). I would say if you have yet to try Indian, take your significant other out on a date night, you won’t be disappointed!

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  1. That looks great! I just had my first intro to Indian food at my friend Jigar’s house party this weekend (he’s Indian, can’t you tell? 😉 ) I’m going to have to add Indian foods to my mix of go to’s!
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  2. I neeeeed to get down on some Indian food soon. I’m not sure if they’re very vegan friendly though?? Either way..this place sounds awesome! I’m sure I could have a vegan with benefits day for this place!

    • You totally have too…and you can check out their menu online to make sure first…I think there are lots of options so i think you may be covered, but since Mel is a veggie not vegan I can say for sure….

  3. Saffron Grill, great spot! Just ate there last Saturday after not being there for several months. Portions are always generous, so it’s usually at least two meals for the price. For the first time got the whole wheat nan (can’t remember the name on the menu), hmmm, and the tandoori chicken app. Have also gotten some of the Mediterranean fare, quite tasty, in fact usually get the Med food. Vegan/vegetarian friendly def. Love their hummus. Love it all.
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