On the fly food review – Sunny Teriyaki in Magnolia

I was not planning on a food review today but I just got back from an amazing lunch at Sunny Teriyaki (Magnolia). Considering this spot is in the back of a gas station parking lot I did not have high expectations. In fact had it not been for a coworkers mention of their food, I would of just went to Whole Foods like I usually do when i forget lunch. Inside the restaurant the ambiance is decent. It is one of those places that i am finding more and more common in Seattle area, not about the decor all about the food. I ordered the Chicken Yakisoba. Within minutes out it came, and it looked amazing. Not only did all the veggie look good quality, the food matched the image on the menu almost to the T. You were getting what you ordered!

The dish was filling and even left me something to carry back  the office. And as a bonus to all you Sriracha Sauce out there, the even have that too:

So next time your in the Magnolia area, hungry and not sure were to eat, don’t overlook Sunny Teriyaki, you will be glad you stopped!

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