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Last week our restaurant group went and checked out a popular Green Lake Restaurant named “Nell’s“. Mel has been wanting to try it for a while now, and her interest in the restaurant had peaked mine. So I was excited when one member of our group had picked out Nell’s for February’s spot.

Nell's on UrbanspoonThe cool thing about Nell’s is the menu is printed everyday. That just screams creativity and fresh dishes. I decided to go with the “Chef’s Tasting Menu”, which means you get a 4 – 5 course meal for $45. I was thinking about piecing together my own meal from the menu, but I think I wanted everything that was on the taste list anyways. We did deviate a little and start with a round of calamari, and a few oysters. Oh oysters how I love thee!

Nell's (6)Nell's (7)

Nell's (5)The Chef’s tasting menu this night had us starting with some monkfish (very tasty and a decent portion, it was slightly buttery and cooked just right), then some wild mushroom risotto (I am a sucker for anything wild mushroom, and this did not dissapoint), then finishing with a nice piece of wild boar (very tender and flavorful, I highly recommend).

Nell's (4)Nell's (1)Nell's (3)Dessert was a chocolate cheesecake of sorts with some ice cream (there are fancier terms I am sure and I could be wrong, but look at that! It was soo good…). Nell's (2) The evening was very present and we had some great conversations. The staff was super friendly and our waiter surely earned his tip that night. He was very engaging and knowledgeable, again on of the great aspects of living in Seattle, awesome wait staff! It was a bit pricey, but I tell you this is a great date night spot that would leave any foodie impressed!

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    • U so have to try oysters! Take the plunge. Make sure u try the high end stuff though! Or come to visit us in Seattle! We will show ya the ropes

  1. This has me wishing I lived remotely close to Seattle. I loooove wild mushroom risotto. Everything else looks pretty fantastic too. I’ll have to add this to my list of places to try next time I’m out there.
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