My First Post: Sushi Night

So Mel and I hit up sushi tonight for the first time in a little while. We went to our usual spot, Rumble Fish Sushi Cafe, which is not far from us. We really enjoy the service there and the prices are reasonable. Not to mention the food is awesome!

We were lucky and got an enclosed booth. It is great for a date night type setting. The service starts with miso soup and a salad. Very tasty and makes paying extra more reasonable considering the included starters. 

Then it is time for the main course: Sushi with more sushi!

The highlight of the night was the Seattle Crunch Roll, with the Baked Scallop Roll being a little disappointing. It was very messy and way to many flavors all at once. With that said that is the first roll we have had at Rumble sushi that can be considered disappointing. The fish quality is fantastic and we left feeling full.

Rumble Fish Sushi on UrbanspoonThe service staff is super friendly and the poppy Japanese music they play can be considered a guilty pleasure of mine (even though you won’t be seeing it on my iPod anytime soon).

Rumble sushi is located in North Seattle so if you are in the area I would recommend stopping buy.


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