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Mel and I have recently started living on a strict budget. Day care and baby expenses sure add up. And lets face it, we are older a need to be a little more responsible (little more is the key word). Anyway, this has us thinking about our eating out habits in Seattle. We don’t want to stop altogether, cause, well city life doesn’t really allow for it. But we need to reduce the cost. This led us to Musashi’s, a local known sushi hotspot on 45th in Wallingford.

Musashi's on UrbanspoonFirst off you need to know they are cash or check only location. Hey, if keeps cost down I am all for it. Second, they are a small venue. So expect it to be crowded and busy. You may have to wait and rub elbows with Seattle locals.

Our last visit was this week. Mel and I had the day off, with our little one was in day care for the morning. We stopped in around 1130, and the place was actually kind of quite. We ordered four rolls, and order of Unagi and Inra.MusashiSushi2The entire order came out very quickly, while we sipped complentry hot tea (already located at your table). Pictured above is our order of Unagi and Inra. Below is spicy tuna, wild salmon with cream cheese and smoked salmon rolls. All where very good, with nice pieces of fish each.

MusashiSushiPictured last is our Yellowtail roll. Probably my favorite. Great subtle flavor, with a very fresh taste.

MusashiSushi1Our entire meal came out to just under $20! Not bad at all for a lunch in the city. And to top it all off, we headed over to Molly Moon’s ice cream for dessert. A post on them next week ;).

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