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Late last week Mel and I went out with a group of friends to a restaurant we have all wanted to try named Lark. A foodies dream, Lark serves their dishes as “small plates”, with the intention that their guests try many different food combinations and flavors in a sitting.
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The menu is complex, at least to my level of food knowledge, yet elegantly presented. We all couldn’t help getting excited over one or two of the plates right away, with my eyes going directly to roasted eel with saba and new potato salad. Luckily as a large group we each ordered a couple of plates, covering a good portion of the menu.
The service started out with two plates of cheese, each with three different varieties. It was a whirlwind of flavors each cheese rich and with a taste of its own. Mel declared that the “Perl Las” was the “only blue cheese” she has ever liked! It was creamy and subtle, without that strong flavor that is normally associated with blue cheese.
Once the dishes started coming out we were all ready and excited. Plates were coming left and right. Though the servings are small, this is by design at Lark and you quickly start to understand why. Each plate was its own unique combinations of flavors. The stuffed butter clams were presented very uniquely, with the peppers and herbed bread crumbs complimenting the buttery flavor of the clams. The pork belly had a not-to-salty richness to it, with the succotash pairing excellently. The highlight of the night for Mel and I was the paddlefish caviar served with Rossi potatoes and clabber cream. The caviar on it’s own had a very strong strong complex taste. However, the clabber cream and potatoes mellowed out the caviar’s flavor nicely.
Like the rest of the meal, dessert was excellent as well. I decided to go with my most unlikely choice, trying to venture out from my usual apple crisp or ice cream. I went with the fig tarte tatin. I couldn’t get enough. It was sweet but not over powering, a great way to finish the night.
Though the all the plates were small, I left feeling very satiated. I was not wanting more food and I felt like I got the intended dinning experience Lark strives for. The service was fantastic as well, allowing us to focus on the experience and answer any questions we had. Go for a special occasion or just a night out with friends, Lark will not disappoint. The slide show will display some other food that graced our table, half art, half amazing taste:


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