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About two weeks ago it was Mel and I’s second wedding anniversary. Sadly, life got a hold of us and Mel or I did not have a chance to plan anything. With that being unacceptable, we went to one of our favorite restaurants by our house, Kafe Neo.

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Located on Aurora Ave. in Edmonds, this Kafe Neo is a decent looking restaurant from the outside. Once you step in it still holds that appearance, with a nice atmosphere.

I started out with the chicken rice in egg broth soup. It was tasty and a great start to my meal. Mel started with the salad that was loaded with feta. My favorite part of eating Greek is the feta! Nothing betta than feta I always say, Mel rolls her eyes at me every time.

We also ordered the sauteed mushrooms as part of our appetizer. We are huge mushroom fans and this dish did not disappoint. Served really hot, the mushrooms had a home cooked taste to them. We both really enjoyed nibbling on the plate waiting for our main courses.

By the time the main courses showed up I was ready to dig in. I got the lamb gyro with feta and Greek fries. I have to say I love lamb and tend to order it every chance I can. The lamb was spiced perfectly and the tzatziki sauce was flavorful. I especially liked the Greek fries because they had…you guessed it…feta!

Mel got the Mediterranean Pasta dish. It had a light flavor with a little bit of a tang from the artichoke. The best part of the pasta was the Kalamata olives.

Over all Kafe Nero is a restaurant that is on our go to list when we want Greek style food. It is at a convenient location for us and the wait staff is great. Check it out!


4 thoughts on “Kafe Neo Review

  1. I LOVE Kafe Neo!! Every time I go there I get the same thing — the Vegan Delight Gyro
    (Hummus, avocado, roasted red pepper, onion, tomato, cucumber & lettuce) — it’s soooo good!! If you haven’t tried Faki (vegetarian lentil soup) yet, it is also really good:)

    PS: Found you via Ali from Running With Spatulas — gotta catch up on all your posts!

    • Sounds good I will have to let my wife know about that! She is always looking for awesome veggie options…

      I am checking out your site right now! Glad to hear your interested in reading!

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