Grinders Hot Sands Review

Mel found this place. And that (among many other reasons) is why I love her.

Grinders Hot Sands on UrbanspoonIf you are craving a sandwich, but not just an ordinary small sandwich, Grinders Hot Sands is your place to go. Check check out the wich that made it’s way in front of me!

GrindersThis fellow you just met is the “Dipper”. And yes that is home made “aus jus” sauce. This thing was amazing, and half of it filled me up! All 200 pounds of me (working on that).

GrindersPoBoyNext up, my very lovely mother-in-law Mary got herself a Po’ Boy with shrimp. I didn’t get a chance to try it, but it looked tasty. Again, a whole lotta left overs!

GrindersGiardinoLast, but not least, Mel got herself a “Giardino”. It was the veggie option which had lots of just that. Again, huge portion with lots of veggies!

Next time you are in north Seattle, hit up Grinders Hot Sands! You will leave full and have lots for lunch the next day!

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