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Last night Mel and I had a hankering, a hankering for ice cream. This is a common problem of ours, considering I am an ice cream addict. I can never get enough. The beauty of living in Seattle is there are so many amazing ice cream options to chose from. One of those being Full Tilt Ice Cream in Ballard!

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As soon as you walk in you know the ice cream parlor is hip. One wall of the store is lined with pin ball machines! We didn’t have time to play, but I will be visiting again sometime soon to try them out.

Full Tilt Ice Cream offers a large selection of different flavors (oh and ya, they serve beer). They also let you sample so you can find what you are in the mood for. I sampled a gluten-free pumpkin made with coconut milk. I have never seen that option anywhere else before! It was tasty, but I decided that I was in the mood for an old favorite, salted caramel with a side scoop of vanilla bean (yes the salted caramel is the main dish in my opinion).

We found refuge from the rain and enjoyed our ice cream at the Full Tilt store. The atmosphere is distracting with all the flashing lights of all the game machines, but that is not a complaint. I think it is cool to go into a store and get lost in your surroundings. I was itching to play a game or two, but by the time we finished our treat it was time to go. I think this ice cream parlor would be a great place to spoil the kids, or even spoil yourself! Enjoy!

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