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The bright, blinking lights sucked us in. Our dance class is on Aurora Ave. in Shoreline and every night that we drive to our class we cruise by this interesting food truck. It is all lit up with flashing blinking lights and it is called “Curbside Kebabs“. Since we are on our way to dance class we never have time to stop, but tonight Mel and I had some free time so we decided to go hit it up. Both of us being fans of food trucks and with experience visiting them in Portland, we were excited to try it.
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I tell you this food truck is not just all flash. I ordered the chicken kebab sandwich (which is more of a wrap) with a side of fries. Mel had the felafel plate, which included a side of Baba ghanouj, fries, a little salad, and some pita bread. We finished off the night with a little treat, a nice serving of baklava. The entire time Mel was eating she was saying “This is soooo good”. I have to agree with her. My chicken kabob sandwich was hearty with the right amount of tzatziki, which helped to make the wrap not too dry. The fries were your standard issue battered bar fries, which I love for a treat now and again. The highlight of the night was the Baba ghanouj. I am not even going to try to explain it. I just simply challenge you to go try it! It was awesome…

Curbside Kebabs caters to vegetarians, only accepts cash, has seating in front of the truck next to Aurora and in a tent in the parking lot behind. There are several parking spaces and we saw a steady number of people ordering while we sat and waited for our food. It didn’t take that long for our food to be prepared and the staff was very friendly. Next time you drive by the blinking lights on Aurora, stop and order yourself a kebab. I would say tell them Ed sent you from Everyday Living in the Pacific Northwest, but they would have no idea what you are talking about.

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