Coffee House Review: Grumpy D’s

About a few months back, Mel, I and one of her friends were driving around Ballard. We had a hankering for coffee and decided we would stop at the first joint we find. Turns out that was Grumpy D’s on 15th Ave. It didn’t look all that special when we walked in, but the ambiance was good. The barista staff was definitely not grumpy like the name lead on to say, and there were several people in the shop just chilling. Even though I don’t live close enough to Grumpy D’s to ever want to just “chill” in it, I get a feeling it would be a good spot to do so.

A bonus about Grumpy D’s is that you have an option to utilize an app for the collection of loyalty card stamps! It is called “Stampt” and is really easy to use. All you do when you buy a coffee is scan a QR code with your iPhone and bam you have a punch. Why do I love this so much? Well I am not likely to always have all my loyalty cards with me, but I always have my phone! So that means I never miss a stamp. In fact, I just got me a free coffee today! To all those without smartphones, don’t fret they have the old fashion cards as well. Oh and once you get a free drink your entered into a drawing for the potential to win another free drink and a pastry!

So now down to business. How is the coffee? Well since I have drank Caramel Breve’s in all different parts of the country including Alaska, Washington, Oregon and even Ontario, Canada so I can only comment on that. As for other options everyone your on your own! Well Grumpy D’s measures up. It is not my #1 but it is not the worst. I always look forward to their coffee and the flavor is good. I can taste the Caramel (which is sometimes lacking in other joints) and the drink is stirred well (only bringing this up cause of you Starbucks). I find myself wanting more in the end, but buzzed enough to know I shouldn’t have another cup. I give it 4 shots out of 5!

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4 thoughts on “Coffee House Review: Grumpy D’s

  1. Going out on a coffee adventure is probably one of my favorite things to do on my free time! Sounds like a good pl. Although ive never tried caramel breve. Im usually a straight up coffee or americano person. Guess I have anything new to try? :)

  2. I’ve never heard of a caramel breve before and may have to make use of this fall weather to try it out! Is it at all similar to a caramel macchiato? (My apologies if this is a ridiculous question…)

    • Not ridiculous question at all! I do get caramel macchiatos on occasion and find them good too. I hate to say it but I do not know the difference. When I order a Breve at Starbucks they always ask “breve latte?”. I will have to do my homework on this to better answer, but try it and see if you notice a difference!

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