Buck-A-Shuck: The Oyster at Pescatores Seafood Review

Last night Mel and I took advantage of a deal we have been seeing advertised for the past few days in Victoria, buck-a-shuck oysters. The deal is just how it sounds, one dollar per fresh oyster. Being as we are both huge seafood fans, we couldn’t wait.


The deal this night was for “Satoris” oysters. About the size of a half dollar, the oysters were clearly fresh and served on a bed of ice. The deal comes with four different dipping sauces, all with distinct flavors. My favorite was the red cocktail sauce, Mel’s the earthy lemon vinaigrette (no idea what it was called). The natural salt flavor of the oyster was sweet as it rolled over your tounge, with each bite getting better and better.


We only stayed it the The Oyster at Pescatores for the buck-a-shuck oysters feature and moved along for dinner. We enjoyed our time and was glad we stopped.


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