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The other day Mel and I were driving around Greenwood area about 4:30 in the afternoon. We were both hungry and wanted to stop and eat. We decided to hit up an old favorite of ours. To our dissapointment they didn’t open till 5. On the way back to the car something caught my eye. It was “Diggity Dog” Hot Dog and Sausage. I realized right then and there I could go for a hot dog.

Diggity Dog on UrbanspoonOne of the found memories I have growing up in Ontario was when my family would visit Toronto. We would always stop and get a hot dog from one of the “Street Meat” vendors. Half the fun was the anticipation, and the grilled onions. Diggity Dog brought that memory back.

I was so excited it took me two seconds to decide what I wanted. I ordered a “Seattle Dog”, which consists of cream cheese and grilled onion. What an interesting combination, kind of like Seattle right? It took a little while for the dog to be made, which made me even more confident that I was going to like what I was going to get. Once my order was up, I hit the dog with a little ketchup and then it was time for the first bite. The dog was a good portion and there was a good meat to bun ratio. The cream cheese had melted from the heat of the dog which allowed each bite to experience a nice hint of cream cheese. I think I will be adding that to my home made dogs in the near future. I left Diggity Dog feeling satiated and happy. I would recommend this joint to anyone who is hankering a good old fashioned hot dog!


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