Bridal Veil Falls Hike Washington State

Babies and all we decide to try and conquer Bridal Veil Falls, near Lake Serene in Washington. From the web, we were able to assess that hike would be 4 miles, round trip, with an amazing waterfall at the mid-way point of the trail. On a hot day, you knew that a waterfall hike is just what one could use. But with two babies, it promised to be an exciting expedition.

When we arrived in the parking lot of the trailhead, we were surprised on how many cars were in the lot. We actually had to park on the side of one of the roads, about 5 minutes from the trailhead. It was to be expected though; July in Seattle area rarely sees trails empty. We loaded up, including the babies, and headed out on the trail.

The girls ended up taking the first length of the trial with the babies on their backs. And seriously, they volunteered for it. Tough gals, leaving the guys impressed. They had no issues lugging the babies up the first few hundred feet. The trail was very green, surrounded by trees, creeks, devils club, and suspected wildlife (you could hear them but not really see them).

20140714-181836-65916375.jpgWhile on the trail we passed lots of people. So many that it was very rare to not be in the presence o fa different group the entire trip. The cool thing about this trail is it is acceable to most, with a huge variety of people different shapes, sizes and ages. Including some kiddos that were able to walk themselves up to the waterfall.

If you chose to go to Bridal Veil Falls, like we did, instead of Lake Serene the turnaround point for the hike is the falls. Not only is there a great view from there, the falls themselves present a natural cool down area which is great on a very warm summers day in Washington. I had to restrain myself from not diving head first in the pool under the falls. Instead I just dunked my hat. The water was really cold and refreshing.


After a break at the falls, we headed back down. Like any other hike, the last portion seemed longer but was way more relaxing than on the way up. It would have been nice to bring one or two more layers for packing, so I could have switched out my drenched shirt. But other than that, it was a great hike with the family. In fact, my little girl was either giggling, smiling or sleeping. So to have a 7 month old on a trail, with no hissy fits, I would call this hike family friendly.

Mad Skills Book and Seattle Class

Recently I was asked to checkout a book written by author Ben Musholt. Turns out, he has written one of the largest illustrated exercise books out there called “Mad Skills Exercise Encyclopedia“. Considering my interests, I was instantly intrigued.

Mad SkillsI was able to check out a teaser. Right away I was impressed with the introduction and the promise of “700 body weight exercises”. 700? That is very exciting considering I just had myself a little one and my time is very valuable. So I then started to scroll through some more pages. I started to see something exciting. Pages and pages of exercises I have done, but never consider doing outside of a class setting. Visions of a home gym start flashing through my head. A text of this manner would be a great addition to anyone’s library that is thinking of supplementing fitness at home!

Ben MusholtSince I only had a teaser, I can not go into a full book review. That may be coming in the future, however, since Ben Musholt himself will be coming to Seattle for a book signing and a class on ‘creative calisthenics’. I am very seriously considering checking out this event. It will be 6:30 pm, January 31st at Parkour Visions, 210 W. Nickerson Street Seattle. Admission is $15 a you can call (206) 923-8864 for more information. Sounds like fun!

If you want to check out the book, you can find reviews and purchase it on Amazon. You can also find out more about Ben and the book at

The Sox Box Review

Has anyone else been seeing those cool knee-high socks around lately? I started seeing them about a year ago, and knew that I would like to get myself a pair. They are the socks with the wording on the side that has cool catch phrases like “Run Faster” or “Steak Eggs”. A little while ago I decided to look into them, and found “The Sox Box” on facebook.51dc41e4e4b02bbec324b004

After I contacted them, they were generous enough to send me a sample pair. I was excited to open the mail to find my very own “Coffee Time” knee-high socks. Talk about a perfect match for me.

shopThe socks fit like a charm and are very warm. I know they are designed for crossfit, giving you shins protection from rope burns and scraps. But I have actually been wearing mine mostly for days of leisure. Hanging around the house, in the hammock, short runs to the store. It is great to be able to wear comfy shorts in the winter, but still keep my legs warm.

CoffeeTimeSoxBoxI have been keeping my eye on their inventory, watching for pairs that I like (which is actually most of the men designs. Head over to to check them out for yourself!


Interview With Ky Furneaux of Naked and Afraid

About 3 weeks ago I discovered a new show on the Discovery Channel…get it? Well that show was Naked and Afraid. The concept of the show is they take a male and female contestant, drop them off in a remote location, take their clothes from them, and give them one survival item each.

Talk about very intense. Not only do you have to battle the environment, you have to battle your mind. Struggling with the fact you have to keep your composure, you have to help keep your partners.


As for Ky Furneaux, She was one of the show’s top badasses of the first season. She had to be, she was placed, willingly, in the Louisiana bayou. Yes, that is one of the most remote and scary-as-hell-spots one could end up butt-ass-naked. But she…well I shouldn’t spoil it and let you watch the episode found here on the Discovery Website. Continue reading

Winter Pineapple Classic 5k Review

Earlier in November I was able to take part in this year’s Winter Pineapple Classic 5k. It is a fun race to do with friends, that is a really good cause. All donations go to support the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I was able to raise some money, thanks to my Dad, and have something really fun to do on early on a Saturday!

Pineapple-2012-Wrapper-950We showed up pretty early. There were a few groups dressed up, but mostly people in standard running gear. My team was the “The Schooling Pineapplefish”, how cool is that? We all dressed in yellow hoodies with scales drawn on them, and two fuzzy eyes on the hoodie (made by Mel and her Dad the day before). We were ready to school and hit some obstacles. We even had some people come up to us and ask about our costumes! It was a pretty fun time already and we hadn’t even started. WinterPineappleClassic1

We started at the front of our pack, hitting the obstacles with excitement. So much so I almost fell flat on my face on the first go. Luckily for me (okay actually opposite of lucky), Mel was there to catch the attempt on video. Good ol’facebook had that video out so quick I got a call from my brother laughing his ass off shortly after it happened.

WinterPineappleClassic2There were monkey bars, wood walls, cargo netting you had to crawl under, and others of that sorts. It wasn’t like “tough mudder” by any means, but fun none-the-less. All in all it took us about 35 minutes, and we crossed the line as a team!

After the run there was free food and beer. Well, not free per-say but it was part of the event. The food was very good actually, with pulled pork as the heartier option. There were even some vendors out giving away some goodies. It was a fun event and a good day, it was also great to support a good cause. Oh ya, and I didn’t loose my pineapple!


DIY Frugal Stocking Holders

Have you ever gone to the store looking for a way to hang your stockings on a fireplace mantel? That s&#% is expensive. No joke, it is $20 for four basic hooks, or $20 for a large hook thingy that has a reindeer on it or something. Half of them I found were tacky anyways. Well that really grinds my gears because all I wanted to do was hang some stockings on our new mantel. So I got a bright idea.

StockingHolderWhat I did was I took one of those little metal ornament hooks (you can get a package of like 100 from Freddie’s for super cheap) and secured it to the mantel with some of that adhesive putty you use to hang picture frames and posters. Continue reading

Marriott Seattle Coffee Infographic

Recently I was contacted by a team member over at Marriott hotels. I was asked if I was interested in posting the following infographic on my website. The cool thing is, it is about coffee. As most of you already know, Seattle is coffee. That is how we roll here on the west coast. The great part of this infographic is it helps anyone traveling to Seattle, or who lives in the area, find a great cup of Joe. Check it out and let me know what you learn from it, or better yet, if you have any tips to add!

Seattle_CoffeeYou have to click on the image to get a good look at it. Also, you can check out a high quality version of the infographic and additional information about the topic here. This Infographic was Powered by Marriott.

Seattle Public Library Rocks…

Recently I signed up for a library card at the Seattle Public Library (SPL). Little did I know that having a library card in Seattle is awesome. I have been checking out books slowly, but steadily.  I just read ‘Outliers: The Story of Success‘ by Malcolm Gladwell and I am currently on ‘Ready Player One: A Novel‘ by Ernest Cline. Both books that I have been wanting to read, yet didn’t want to drop money on. Thus, the library.

g_spl_logoI also had no clue that the library has kept up the the times. SPL is part of different media share platforms like hoopla, Freegal music, and OverDrive. Each platform gives you an opportunity to stream, download, and/or check-out media! And lots of it.

I just discovered hoopla today. So far I have been able to listen to Jay-z’s, Pearl Jam’s, Bruno Mar’s, Lorde’s and the Arctic Monkey’s new albums. All in one day. And that is just what I have found so far. I am sure there are many other albums I would like to listen too, oh and they have movies, audiobooks, and tv shows. In hoopla’s case you have to ‘check-out’ the material, to be returned at a set date. Saves me tons of cash on media that I just want to check out first before I buy. Also, there is an app for that…

Freegal lets you download three songs a week (or one music video and a song). As far as I know that is what you get, no returns, no problems. Lots of selection too. I just got a KRS-One album and working on a newly discovered artist’s album by ‘Meklit Hadero‘. So chill. They also have a ‘Wish List” you can populate with music you want to have in the future. I am using this as an opportunity to obtain music I normally would not want to have for money, but enjoy none-the-less.

OverDrive I have been using for audiobooks. I have the app on my phone and I have listened to the bulk of “4-Hour Work Week” (once I hit how to be rich by selling crap part I got sick of it, but learned a bunch about time management and good work habits) and have started into “Spark:The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain”. So far it has just been providing evidence of how good exercise is for the brain, so it better pick up soon I will drop it fast. This is the beauty of the library system, I am not invested! I can drop books and music without the regret of a huge monetary investment.

Maybe I am late to the party, but if you have a Seattle area address, get hooked up with a library card stat! There are branches all over the place. If you are in another part of the world, check out you library. Maybe you will be amazed with the new media capabilities, and save a butt load of cash. Either way, my life has totally been enriched just from this simple discovery, so mark me down for a win.

*Disclaimer: I have placed external links in this post. Some of the links take you to sites I reference, others take you to sites that allow you to buy the products I mention. If you go to a site from my blog and purchase a product, I will get a commission. I am not promoting the product, nor compensated by the product’s manufacturer. I am just taking advantage of a system that allows me to make money off something I would still do otherwise. Please email me with any questions or concerns.

Seattle Hempfest 2013 Review

The sky was blue, the sun was hot, and the crowd was green. Seattle’s annual Hempfest was in full swing when I stopped by on Friday. There were many vendors, loads of people, and the sweet smell of Mary Jane at every corner.

Hempfest 2013 (3)I have to admit, I felt out of place. Not because of the festival’s message or the weed (no not because of that at all). It was the first time in my life a I felt old and someone out of touch. The crowd was not my crowd, and because of that it was different.Hempfest 2013 (5) Continue reading

Color Me Rad 5k Review

Last Saturday started out normal. Waking up early, getting into the car, and driving to Marymoor Park. Okay, that is not normal, actually far from it!

Turns out this was a long time coming. In March Mel and her coworkers picked up a sweet Groupon deal for the Color Me Rad 5K in Seattle. This event involves several stations of people throwing color (corn starch dyed with food coloring [I think]) on you as you run 3.1 miles.

ColorMeRadSeattle1I have seen several reviews of this run on blogs for the past couple of years. Continue reading