Giveaway: Spartan Race Entry

Want to become a Spartan? Want to jump through fire, dominate obstacles, and get muddy? I know I do. That is why when I was contacted by Spartan Race Inc. to try out one of their obstacle races and hold a giveaway on my site, I jumped at the chance!


The team from Spartan Race Inc. are currently working on spreading the word about their new podcast “Spartan Up!”. Each episode is hosted by the Founder of Spartan Race Inc. Joe De Sena and in each episode he interviews different experts and thought leaders with a lesson breakdown and a blueprint for success.


Who are these experts? Here is a list of some of their backgrounds:

  • Former member of Seal Team Six
  • Olympic wrestling coach
  • Ultra marathoner (who carries a fridge on his back)
  • CEO of Virgin Group
  • Visually impaired wrestler
  • Emeritus US Army General
  • Founder of Seal Fit


If you are to win the contest, you will receive a code that will work one time for any open heat (non-confirmed start time) in any Spartan Race in the continental US. If you happen to not win, you can also use the following code that will give 10% off of any race:  SPARTANBLOGGER

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***DISCLOSURE: I have received one free Spartan Race entry as part of this promotion. I will be using this entry to run in WA!***

Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream Review

Hands down, the best ice cream in Seattle! I am sure others would debate nuances and argue with me a little. But there is no denying that Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream is delicious.

Molly Moon's Homemade Ice Cream on UrbanspoonThere are several flavors to choose from, some featured and others specially made for the season.I have to admit, I am an old salt (pun intended) when it comes to their feature ice creams. I always go with salted caramel on the bottom, and honey lavender on the top. That way, you start light and head into some heavy flavors at the end. And of course, both flavors combine throughout, placing you in a glorious heaven sent taste extravaganza! Even wee little babies love to get their hands on this ice cream as a treat!


There are several locations of Molly Moon’s Homemade Icecream throughout Seattle. Our favorite is on 45th, however the newest addition in University Village is great as well. Enjoy, and hey don’t forget to pick some up for me!

A Keg For A Cure

I would like to take this opportunity to officially announce a special event I will be holding on December 2nd, 2014! It is called “A Keg For A Cure” and will be held at Schillings Cider House in the Center of the Known Universe, Fremont, WA. Schilling & Company have been grateful enough to donate all the sales of a rosemary apricot plum specialty keg directly to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! This is part of a fundraising effort for my Team In Training event.

A Keg For A Cure

The best part of the event that night is we will be able to show support to my wife’s co-worker, Pearl Rojas. Pearl was recently diagnosed with Leukemia earlier this year, and is currently in California seeking treatment. I have dedicated my training and the completion of the Lavaman Triathlon in her name, but I also want to build support for her during this time using social media and the hashtag #4PEARL.


So if you are in Seattle and want to drink some delicious specialty cider, and have all the proceeds go to a good cause, come by Schillings Cider House on December 2nd! See you there….

Training and the Fitbit

In a few weeks I will begin training for my first ever triathlon. I am a little nervous at the feat, however since the tri will be in Hawaii, I feel very excited for the endeavor. The thought of accomplishing such an event does have me wanting to start training right now. However, I realize that the training my coaches have planned will be a complete package, “starting from scratch” as one would say. So how do I capitalize my motivation, do something productive, yet not jeopardize my training before I even hit the water/road/trail?


My current plan involves myself and the Fitbit flex I received as my very first ever Fathers Day gift. I have recently not been wearing the device (forgot to charge it, then forgot again, then again and so on…), but now it is charged and ready to go. I plan on getting a good baseline data set before training to see where I am, and where I go. I will be logging steps, sleep, work outs, water intake, food, and weight. It will be interesting to document changes. It will also be interesting to see what doesn’t.


If you want to follow my journey of Fitbit’s site, visit and add me as a friend here. I would like to update the blog now and again with this info. Oh that reminds me, got to add a banana to my food log.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I got the nomination. I actually didn’t think it would happen. But my lovely little brother from all the way in Northern Manitoba decided to nominate me for this challenge. Here is the result.

 I do believe it is for a good cause. If you are not up on what ALS is and want to learn more, visit the ALS Association website here. Use #IceBucketChallenge on social media to see all the videos. To donate, click here.

Rowena Fire Experience 2014

I have to say, never have I experienced anything like this before in my life. For people of the Pacific Northwest, this is a common situation every summer. However, the Rowena fire that I have been tweeting and putting pictures up on Facebook even had my family concerned. On Wednesday it was creeping a little to close to The Dalles, a town of 14,000.

The Dalles at night from Sorosis Park

The Dalles at night from Sorosis Park

On Wednesday my little family and I all loaded up in our Subaru and headed to Oregon for a vacation. We had no idea what was waiting for us. We were about a few minutes outside our destination. When we ran into this:


RowenaFire2RowenaFire3This sort of fire I have seen before. Large plums of smoke near a road. Usually some sort of emergency presence. Just keep motoring and everything is fine. We were a little alarmed though when we saw a helicopter dropping water and filling up in a little lake. Usually they don’t expends such resources on a small event.

HelicopterWhen we arrived at my in-laws I started looking into the fire. There did seem to be some concern on social media, as well as on the news. It didn’t take long though to hear about the first evacuation notices, so we actually did go for a drive to investigate. This is what we saw:RowenaFireFromChenowith RowenaFireByFredMeyerRowenaFireDuskRowenaFireCloseThe the fire was advancing in a line right for the city! It was starting to get freaky really quick. Soon you were able to see if from the shopping center, then, almost anywhere in town. The smoke w thick and the tensions started to ride. That night we were thinking about what to do if we evacuate, and we all kept our phones next to us in case of any alerts.JustBeforeNightFireAtNightThe the next day when we woke up, the reports on twitter were positive. The fire had burnt itself out! However, that wasn’t  the end. The wind and the dry day was promising for more, and the fire crews had a long day ahead of them. And I have to say this, those men and women are hero’s. They work tirelessly here in the PNW to protect everyone from these fires, we are lucky to have them. The next set of photos show the aftermath of Wednesday night.

TheDallesViewTheDallesSorosisThursday was a little lighter for the city, but not for the firefighters. It was another day of intense protecting of life and structure. There were also some very tense evacuations and one house that burned. My thoughts go out for that family and everyone else who had to leave their home not knowing if they would have it to return to. That night we went out and tried to get some night shots of the fire. All I had was my cell, so these are all the shots I got.

ClosedHighway30NightViewRowenaFireFireOthers with more talent and better equipment also had some better shots, here are a few links to other examples.

It is an event like this that really puts things in perspective, and I fell very fortunate for my family being safe this week. It isn’t over yet and if you want more up to date information, please visit the official facebook and twitter accounts of the Rowena Fire. And if you are a member of this community reading in this, my families thoughts are with yours. Take care.

Musashi’s Review

Mel and I have recently started living on a strict budget. Day care and baby expenses sure add up. And lets face it, we are older a need to be a little more responsible (little more is the key word). Anyway, this has us thinking about our eating out habits in Seattle. We don’t want to stop altogether, cause, well city life doesn’t really allow for it. But we need to reduce the cost. This led us to Musashi’s, a local known sushi hotspot on 45th in Wallingford.

Musashi's on UrbanspoonFirst off you need to know they are cash or check only location. Hey, if keeps cost down I am all for it. Second, they are a small venue. So expect it to be crowded and busy. You may have to wait and rub elbows with Seattle locals.

Our last visit was this week. Mel and I had the day off, with our little one was in day care for the morning. We stopped in around 1130, and the place was actually kind of quite. We ordered four rolls, and order of Unagi and Inra.MusashiSushi2The entire order came out very quickly, while we sipped complentry hot tea (already located at your table). Pictured above is our order of Unagi and Inra. Below is spicy tuna, wild salmon with cream cheese and smoked salmon rolls. All where very good, with nice pieces of fish each.

MusashiSushiPictured last is our Yellowtail roll. Probably my favorite. Great subtle flavor, with a very fresh taste.

MusashiSushi1Our entire meal came out to just under $20! Not bad at all for a lunch in the city. And to top it all off, we headed over to Molly Moon’s ice cream for dessert. A post on them next week ;).

Bridal Veil Falls Hike Washington State

Babies and all we decide to try and conquer Bridal Veil Falls, near Lake Serene in Washington. From the web, we were able to assess that hike would be 4 miles, round trip, with an amazing waterfall at the mid-way point of the trail. On a hot day, you knew that a waterfall hike is just what one could use. But with two babies, it promised to be an exciting expedition.


When we arrived in the parking lot of the trailhead, we were surprised on how many cars were in the lot. Continue reading

Mad Skills Book and Seattle Class

Recently I was asked to checkout a book written by author Ben Musholt. Turns out, he has written one of the largest illustrated exercise books out there called “Mad Skills Exercise Encyclopedia“. Considering my interests, I was instantly intrigued.

Mad SkillsI was able to check out a teaser. Right away I was impressed with the introduction and the promise of “700 body weight exercises”. 700? That is very exciting considering I just had myself a little one and my time is very valuable. So I then started to scroll through some more pages. I started to see something exciting. Pages and pages of exercises I have done, but never consider doing outside of a class setting. Visions of a home gym start flashing through my head. A text of this manner would be a great addition to anyone’s library that is thinking of supplementing fitness at home!

Ben MusholtSince I only had a teaser, I can not go into a full book review. That may be coming in the future, however, since Ben Musholt himself will be coming to Seattle for a book signing and a class on ‘creative calisthenics’. I am very seriously considering checking out this event. It will be 6:30 pm, January 31st at Parkour Visions, 210 W. Nickerson Street Seattle. Admission is $15 a you can call (206) 923-8864 for more information. Sounds like fun!

If you want to check out the book, you can find reviews and purchase it on Amazon. You can also find out more about Ben and the book at

The Sox Box Review

Has anyone else been seeing those cool knee-high socks around lately? I started seeing them about a year ago, and knew that I would like to get myself a pair. They are the socks with the wording on the side that has cool catch phrases like “Run Faster” or “Steak Eggs”. A little while ago I decided to look into them, and found “The Sox Box” on facebook.51dc41e4e4b02bbec324b004

After I contacted them, they were generous enough to send me a sample pair. I was excited to open the mail to find my very own “Coffee Time” knee-high socks. Talk about a perfect match for me.

shopThe socks fit like a charm and are very warm. I know they are designed for crossfit, giving you shins protection from rope burns and scraps. But I have actually been wearing mine mostly for days of leisure. Hanging around the house, in the hammock, short runs to the store. It is great to be able to wear comfy shorts in the winter, but still keep my legs warm.

CoffeeTimeSoxBoxI have been keeping my eye on their inventory, watching for pairs that I like (which is actually most of the men designs. Head over to to check them out for yourself!