Gokan by Musashi Review

For my birthday this year, my wife Mel told me she was taking me to a surprise restaurant. This could be one of the best gifts ever, since I love trying out new spots in Seattle. Little did I know it was an extra special birthday gift, a trip to The Gokan by Musashi! Not only is sushi one of my favorites…heading to 45th Street in the UDistrict for affordable good sushi at Musashi‘s is one of my favorite things to do. So a new place by the man himself that I haven’t heard of, even more exciting.
Gokan by Musashi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoWhen you walk in, it is clear that the place is new. I like that fell. High end ambiance with a really nice waitstaff. Everyone is happy, and happy you are there.

Since I don’t drink, I was excited to find out that they had a non-alcoholic mimosa option. It was excellent. I especially liked how it wasn’t too sweet. Just right.

My wife did enduldge and ordered a magarita. She enjoyed it, as the giggles showed afterwards.IMG_5870

The rest of the meal can be seen below. It was a barrage of very tasty sushi and very original presentations. An exciting note is Gokan by Musashi offers a Omakase option for Sashimi and Nigiri! I love this option since I am a huge fan of allowing the chef to feed me what he or she thinks is the best fish options of the day. That is why they are on the other side of the counter!

Usually I finish my posts by saying that we will be back soon. But it is too late for that with Gokan by Musashi…we already went back! And the second time was just as exciting and fantastic as the first. This is a must try Seattle, if you haven’t already.

Roampod Partnership and Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Today I am very excited and pleased to announce that I will be working with Roampod as a product ambassador and product tester! What is Roampod?


Roampod is a new device coming to market that enables smart phone users to send messages without cell coverage or wifi. It is perfect for groups and families who love the outdoors, traveling, cruises or for use in emergencies. Sign up to receive limited quantity early bird offers.” – Youyi Kitson (Co-Founder)


I have been known to go “off the grid”

When I was first contacted by Youyi I have to say I was estatic! Roampod is exactly the digital tool I would love to have while I am out hunting, fishing, and hiking in the Pacific Northwest. i can easily download the app, connect to the pod via bluetooth and I am texting. I can not wait to give it a try…RoamPod4

So what does it mean to be a product ambassador? Basically, I will be the gateway to everyone for product development news (roampod is scheduled to be launched early 2016), promotions, and I will be one of the first to test it out! That means you will get the really skinny of Roampod‘s uses right from me. I am very excited for this opporunity.


So to celebrate, roampod is holding a giveaway in the US and Canada for a $100 Amazon giftcard! Pretty cool. All you have to do is click the following link and enter to win…http://bit.ly/1JHuRVl.

I think this is a very cool product concept and something I would use in my weekend activities (not to mention the ability to communicate in emergency situations). I will be keeping everyone up-to-date as the product develops and will be giving my honest feedback as

Restaurant Roux Review

What would a weekend be without some French Creole Inspired Cuisine? Pretty bland I would have to say. Luckily, Restaurant Roux is within driving distance of my humble aboad and my lovely wife Melanie knows how to pick good spots to eat. The head chef, Matt Lewis, takes his beginnings as food truck owner and expands his menu to include a little something for everyone.
Click to add a blog post for Restaurant Roux on ZomatoAs you walk into Restuarant Roux you are greeted warmly by the staff. The restaurant has a humble amount of space, but has a open and inviting feel (especially with the free flow of natural light that enters the space). We were ushered into a booth, perfect to help contain our little 1 and 1/2 year old ready for some brunch.

CafeRoux9 Cafe RouxTo start of the morning, I ordered up some coffee stat. No lattes here, but the house coffee was flavorful and warm. My wife took to the special occasion and ordered a mimosa. I don’t drink, so you will have to tweet at her if you want a review of the drink haha ;). We also started with an order of the beignets. These deep-fried pastries were the highlight of the experience with a light dusting of powder sugar and a just-out-of-the-oven warmness to them. I could eat these bad boys ever single morning for the rest of my life. No lie.



For the main brunch dishes, I ordered the chef’s choice scramble on toast (on the menu differently, will update when I can) and Mel had the Fried Green Tomato Eggs Benedict. My order was clearly made with fresh ingrediants and I was very happy to put my trust in the day’s chef. Mel’s eggs benedict was amazing, with a cornbread base and the sweetness of the green tomatoes popping out at you as you dive into the dish.

CafeRoux7 CafeRoux8

As for Auddie, she had the Yogurt Parfait. Seasonal fruit paired with yogurt, honey, and granola, an easy win for any youngin.

CafeRoux6Overall Restuarant Roux was an amazing experience that leaves me wanting to explore the menu more. And with such a friendly wait staff, there is no doubt my little family will be visiting again very soon.





Pac West Sprint Spartan Race Review and Giveaway

It feels good to say this, I am officially a Spartan Finisher! That is kind of where the feel good ends though. Ha, I am exaggerating actually. Thanks to the folks at Team Spartan Race, I was able to try out one of their well known obstical courses.


Now let’s go back in time…a while back to when I did a giveaway for a free entry into a Spartan Race near you (stay tuned in this post, I have another giveaway!). The contest was in celebration of both the new Spartan Podcast that was being launched, but also because I had officially signed up to partake in the Pac West Sprint Spartan Race. I was excited to give it a go, but also extremely nervous. However, I figured I would train and be very well prepared for the event. Umm well time flies, and so did my dream of training. This leads to my number one take away from attempting the Spartan Race: You Must Train! This is not an easy event and the organizers put it on to challenge you.


I started the day off early. The sun was out, the temperature was hot, and there were lots and lots of people around. Make sure to bring some cash, there are kind of hidden costs everywhere. $10 for parking, $5 for bag check, etc. However, there were some cool vendors there with giveaways and they did provide water at a couple locations, so $15 extra isn’t bad. I also didn’t purchace any merchandise, so that helped drive the cost down.



One of the bummers though was it cost money for people to come with you and spectate. That means I was all alone (which ain’t a bad thing for reporting since I can get the full experience). So if you want family and friends with you, be willing to spend. These events are not cheap, but if you want a challenge, it is worth the money.


After I saw a few heats take off and was hydrated enough I got ready for my heat. The bag check was simple and effective (so yes worth the $5). It also felt secure and well supervised as well. I then made my way over to the starting line. The cool thing about it was they had someone lead you in some stretches and a small warm up. I highly recommend this. Most the time at events I forget about the warm up due to nerves. So to have someone lead me with a group of fellow competitiors, this was much welcomed.


I then jumped the wall into the carrosell and waited for my start. A very Alpha-male muscular dude then trys to fire you up with some Spartan talk (basically like the 300 movie, it was cute) and then your off. I started by running, big mistake. Most the first mile was a hill and it kicked my ass right away. I quickly clued in and started to walk. I walked most of the trail between obsticals, but I did try to run when I could.

Spartan Race


The first obstical was a pit of mud. It was harder to get through than I thought, but kind of fun. That was probobly the easiest. I am not going to run through ever obstical because I think half the fun is being suprised, but I will touch on some highlights. The second obstical caused me to fall right on my ass from about 5 feet off the ground. It hurt, but since it was just the start all you could do is suck it up. And well that basically summarizes the rest of my experience.

Log carry Fire Jump

Suck it up. Period. Keep moving, face each obstical, rest when you have to, get help when you need to, and cheer everyone else on. That was the rest of the race. It took me a total of 2 hours to complete it all. I was whooped by the end. But I felt accomplished and like I hit the challenge as hard as I could. So the big question, will I try it again? Yes! I plan on trying again next year, this will give me something to work towards!


So with that, it is your turn. Want to take on the Spartan Race yourself? Enter below by liking my fitness Facebook page (with additional entries by tweeting about the giveaway or following me on Facebook and twitter). Good Luck to all that enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

***DISCLOSURE: I have received one free Spartan Race entry as part of this promotion. I also received another entry to giveaway***

The Boar’s Nest Review

Late last week I stopped by a local BBQ joint while looking for a place to eat lunch. I was just simply cruising by, saw the pig, and stopped in. It is a small restaurant called “The Boar’s Nest“. By that description I could tell what I was getting into, and I was excited by the thought. Good smoked meats has never failed me. My only worry was that this place would disappoint by selling knock-off smoked meats (like stuff bought at Costco that is heat and server). I am glad to report that my worry was for naught.

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Check out the menu below! Talk about old school smokin’. Pulled pork, smoked fried bologna, hotlink dogs, oh my!


I ordered the Hickory Smoked Pulled Pork with French Fries. The wait was short and the food was nice and hot. The smokey flavor did not disappoint and my first bite had be letting out a “Ooooo” in delight. Their selection of home-made sauces were provided at the table, with a combination of flavors that will make anyone happy.

PulledPork Sandwich

I left the joint full and happy. In fact I really could have used a nap afterwards, I was that stuffed. And as you can see from the pictures below, the atmosphere is comfortable and a great place to relax and fill your face.

ThePig TheJoint

I know that I will be back to the “The Boar’s Nest” , and I am going to be sure to bring some friends with me next time.

Mr. and Mrs. Wok Food Review

Today I stopped by, Mr. and Mrs. Wok, a local Asian style restaurant on the way back to work after a dentist appointment. I actually found the place on Zomato, even though I drive by there all the time. The reason I was drawn to it was the 4.1 rating with 192 votes. That there is a good sign in my books.Click to add a blog post for Mr. and Mrs. Wok on Zomato

When I walked in I was instantly greeted with a big smile. The lady took my order and said it would be 15 minutes. I have to admit, it was more like 8! For being in a rush, that sort of service was appreciated.


I ordered a serving of the pot stickers and chicken teriyaki. Both servings where plentiful and filled me up. Both dishes tasted home made, with the teriyaki bowl being full of fresh veggies and grilled chicken.
Chicken Teriyaki

For such a quick visit, it was a very pleasant one. I agree with the 4.1 rating and I plan on visiting there again very very shortly. Oh…and it all only cost me 12 with tip, he price is right too!!!

Taqueria Guaymas Review

I am going to start this review talking about Taqueria Guaymas from a couple years ago. We were looking for a Mexican Restaurant in our area to entertain Mel’s family when they were visiting. The catch is, they all are from Texas, South Texas. They know and love good Mexican dishes. We stumbelled upon Taqueria Guaymas, and when we left, everyone was impressed! They all loved it and said that was as close to authentic as it gets…that is how good Taqueria Guaymas is!

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So the other day Mel and I decided to take Audrey out for some Mexican food. Of course we had to hit up Taqueria Guaymas. The service staff instantly greeted us and sat us down. They then instantly had some chips, salsa, and pico de gallo on our table. A great way to entertain a hungry toddler (and Dad).

Chips and Salsa Taqueria Guaymas

As you can see in the picture, the ingredients are very fresh. I ordered a single chicken taco meal. Mel had a burrito, and Audrey had a kids quesadilla. This was all enough food for us, and we left very very full!

Chicken Taco Taqueria Guaymas Burrito Taqueria Guaymas kids quesadilla Taqueria Guaymas

The highlight for the night was we ordered churros for dessert. The entire family devoured these treats and they were still warm. The whip cream added a nice creamy eliminate to the dessert. It was a great visit all around.

churros Taqueria Guaymas

So if you have a hankering for Mexican style eats, hit up  Taqueria Guaymas in Shoreline! It is highly, highly recommended.


Summer Sun Tea How-to

Okay, okay, I realize that sun tea is not hard. It is literally a couple of steps.

Sun Tea Start

Add tea bags (I used 10 for a growler, made it more concentrate to then be water down), add water, and put it in the sun. Boom, you have sun tea.

Sun Tea the Wait

I placed it in the sun for the entire warm part of the day and made sure no shadows interfered with the tea. But I am writing this post though for people like me.

Sun Tea Almost Done

I have to admit I never thought of brewing ice tea in the sun being from the North. However, it is fantastic and great on a warm afternoon! So mugs up!

Sun Tea the Finish

Happy Fourth of July Weekend

Just wanted to take the time and wish everyone a very Happy Fouth of July weekend!   

The Everyday Living PNW household is actually celebrating two holidays this weekend, Canada Day as well. We are 50/50 USA and Canada so we like to reflect on both countries.

We have already accomplished a huge milestone this weekend, Audrey got her first ponytail! 
It is going to be a good one. Hope the same for you and yours.

Cafe Turko Review

I must admit, I have never had Turkish cuisine before. Why? Just never been to Turkey nor a Turkish restaurant. However, that changed the other day and I am happy to say it won’t be my last visit. From what I can see from other reviews, Cafe Turko, in Seattle’s Fremont area is a great place to give Turkish cuisine a go!
Click to add a blog post for Cafe Turko on ZomatoCafeTurkoFremontSeattle

When I walked into the restaurant I was enthusiastically welcomed by the staff. We had reservations, but I was early. They happily seated me anyways and poured me some ice water. Once everyone else arrived, we started with the Hummus Sampler Plate.


Talk about right choice! Their hummus is amazing. The plain Jane hummus is great itself and rivals that of any other spread I have tried. But then they added a Yam, Spinach, and Beet hummus as well! I was floored by the spinach hummus, which has a similar taste to it equivalent to a Indian style curried spinach dish. The yam hummus had a sweetness to it that was outstanding. As for the beets, that was was a dish all on it’s own and I neither disliked it or was floored by it.


I had the Lamb Durum. This is a wrap similar to a gyro. The lamb was seasoned nicely and very tender. I really enjoyed the sauce that was put on the wrap as well.


My wife ordered the Beyti with Eggplant. She said it had great flavors and was better then she expected.

All in all we were left with lots of food and took some home. It heated up the next day very well and was really tasty. I know I will be having a hankering to visit Cafe Turko again here really soon!

I rated them a 4/5 on Zomato. This was because of the amazing service, friendly staff, and the quality of the hummus plate.